Thursday, November 25, 2010


OMG look at the weather” as a whispers to my brother because i didn’t want to wake up the rest of my family. Once I saw Mui I ask her if she’s gonna go for a swim but she said no because of the weather, it was going to rain. Once we got to Mairangi Bay everyone mostly the boys said,”Wow look at the wave that’s big.” The weather got even worst once we hop of the bus and I started to get cold. I said to myself look at the cloud it so cloudy and the cloud is grey as well. There were four beautiful lifeguard girls that Introduce there self and some of them kept saying that there beach is the best and we should go there. We learned lots of thing like how to be safe and swim between the red and yellow flag. It was time for morning tea and the best thing I like about morning tea was playing rugby because rugby is one of my sport. When Rosie, one of the lifeguard blowed the whistle that was when everyone have to get there bag, walk up stair and put it in to this little room, ready to listen about surf life. “Name the first four letters and they were S.S.S and W. Straight away i knew it was Slip,Slop,Slap and Wrap because Pt England News always remind us what are the Three S’s and the one W. We all had a game outside and there i saw a square with four bright orange cones on the Conner. Megan sent the boys of first to put there togs on then she sent the beautiful girls last. After whistle went that was when everyone got excited because they knew it was time to go for a swim in the freezing cold water. Once my toes nip that freezing cold water and i just didn’t care because wanted to be strong and not to be afraid of anything. We had 15 min free then we will be out to get change . I had heaps of fun swimming with the enormous wave that kept bumping of some of the student. “ BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRRR” the whistle went as I said “oh no it time to get out” I said. On the bus had arrived and it was time to leave Mairangi. My best part about Mairangi Bay was swimming in the beach and also the part I didn’t like was hoping on to the bus. Mairangi Is one of the best beach i’ve eva been to. !!!!!Mairangi Bay Rock!!!!!!!

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