Friday, March 25, 2011

Yay! Camp is coming up. Team 5 is having a three day camp at school on the school field. Camp is starting on Monday next week and I’m looking forward to it. Yesturday we got put in to our group and I was hoping not to be a camp leader because I am not good at Taking Charge of my group. Tamati and Racheal are my leaders and our group name is Thinkers.

We had 5 minutes to come up with a group chante but we only got one in the last minutes but no one knew it only Kalim and Tamati did. Kalim started of our chante and him and Tamati finished it of. Mr Bark had a game for all group. We have to use all the equiment that Mr Bark had given us to use. Our job was to get our whole team to the other side of the hall with out touching the ground.We came 2nd. I hope this year Thinkers win this year’s camp.THINKERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

Our first day at camp Take Charge was a amazing day because we did a lots of fun brilliant activity,like Cooking,Kayak,Building,Tents and also some game with Mr Harris. Day 2. This is the 2nd time Rock up has come to Pt England School. There were like about 5 difference activity.My favourite was the dunker and the Rock wall. Tuesday night was one of my favourite night because it was our Concert night. I recon we had the best M.T.V. We came 2nd and I was very proud of my team because i thought we wouldn’t come anything. Day 3. Day 3 was my favourite day because we spent the whole day at swimarama. The best pool at swimarama was the diving pool because bombing in the pool was pretty cool.