Monday, August 30, 2010


Every morning to start of our wondreful day ,Ms Tito ask someone who want to do the Mihi Tautoko. I have a Mihi Tautoko that i would like to share as well. It go like this,

Ka tangi te titi
Ka tangi te kaka
Ka tangi hoki ahau
Tiehwa Maori ora.

He mihi whaunui tenei kia tatou katoa kia koe te rangatira e___________ tena koe mo to mahi e whakamoemiti ki to tatou matua e te rangi
kia ora tatou katoa
kua tae mai nei
ki tenei kura
Ite kawe mai te whakaaro pai
ka nui te koa
mo to kotou maia
ki te aro mai
ki te awhina ite reo maori
E pa ana ki tenei kura no reira tena kotou tena kotou
tena ra tatou katoa.

Thank you for reading my mihi.


On the 30th of August 2010 the year 7 at Pt England school went to complete in the school Inter zone. The students that made it in were Feki,Tamati,Casey, Cruz,Zane,Jonty,Raven,Destesny,Sharon,Ocean,Helen Tup,Etta,Shontal and I. Mr Burt and Mrs Jarmen Transported us to the Field. Once we got there we saw lots of schools. 10:00 was when the year 7 girls started their race. Out of all the schools I came 33rd. I think we all did really well.

Monday, August 23, 2010


My home country is Cook island.It is a nice place to visit and to live.
Cook Island also has nice view and a clean beach.
The last time i visit Cook island was in 2008 but i can't wait till 2011 because i'm going back for another visit.


Room 19 are learning about Mighty teen mariners. We were ask to do a multiple inteligence task. . We decided to do quiz cards about Jesse Martin. our time limit was 1 hour and 50 minutes. Tracey and I chose to do it in Keynote. If you know the answers to our quiz please comment and leave your name and the answers on our blog. We will let you know if you got them all right. Have Fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010


For those of you who don’t know what Immersion Assembly are liked well this is the time to read more about it and find out. At the beginning of each term at Pt England School, the teachers and staff members dress up to give us a hint of what our theme for the term will be about.

The first Immersion Assembly i can remember is Up,Up and away. We learnt all the things that go up into the sky like an hot air balloon and planes.

Food Glorious Food was my favourite Immersion Assembly because in assembly who ever was sitting up straight they got a chicken wing or a sausage. For that whole term we got to cook food.

This term we are learning about Might Mariners. At Immersion Assembly the best teacher was Ms Tito. She did everything by herself and she also dressed up as Jessica Watson.

I think Pt England is the best school in the whole world. No schools in Auckland can beat Pt England IMMERSION ASSEMBLIES.