Thursday, February 10, 2011


Bang Bang Bang! as the pot went that was a signal for us to get up.Waking up on a bright sunny day made me feel good because i was excited.Brrr brrr brrr my cousin Tania turned her truck and of we went to the beach singing christmas songs.

“Where’s the beach” asked Tania.
“i dont know”i said.
So then we kept going straight and there was Pt Cheveliar Beach.Once the car stops i hop straight out of the car and dash to the rest of my family and said Merry Christmas.
“It time for a game now”as my sister answer.”Yay game time now”replied, all the kids.There was one game that was a bit tiring because it made my arm weak.Our games were called “Tug of war”,Touch and plenety more.Christmas 2010 was incredible.

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