Friday, November 12, 2010


At Pt England School on the 23rd of September we are having a Fia Fia Night. If you don't know what Fia Fia is Well this is the time to start reading my story. Fia Fia is when you get to join in a performance and perform in front of your family. The word Fia Fia is like a pacifika language.

In Fia Fia the culture group that i join in was Cook Island because that is my culture. There are lots of kids that had join the Cook Island group.

Cook Island group costume were a Blue lava lava,White T-shirt, yellow lay and also a head ban that go around our head but the boy dose not wear a head ban because it only for girls.

The Cook Island Tutor were Ms Glaze, Ms Mc Kinly,Maine her dad and Maine cousin as well. Ms Glaze and Ms Mc Kinly are teachers at Pt England school but Maine her dad and also her cousin is one of the Students family.

Our Cook Island culture group always practise in our school libary. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are our only practise days.

I felt very excited dancing in front of my family. Next time i would join the Cook Island group again. FIA FIA ROCK!!

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