Thursday, September 23, 2010


HI my name is Tracey i am 11 years old .
I have been at Pt England School for about 7 yeras now. My best friends are Vaha,Racheal,Mauina and Etta.
We have been friends from sent we were little. MY favourite subject at school is reading and math. I like eating
Mc donald,Burger king and also Wendy's. My best teacher at pt england is Mrs Nua and also Miss Tito.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This video is all about my family. The reason why I put this movie on is because i love my family very much. If you love my little slide show about my family please leave a comment. Have fun !!!


Waking up earlier on a Saturday morning feeling excited.7.00am MY mum and I got out of our bed ready to go to our Church Festival. There were 5 church that completed and it was also held at papatoetoe. We had 4 shows, 2 in the first half and the last 2 were after our break. I just want to congratulate our church for coming 3rd in all of our 4 shows.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


On Friday 10Th of September the year 7 girls had a rugby game against Viscount. It was Pt England home game. We had a warm up be fore we started our games. Once we walked on to the field I left my girly girl attitude on the side line and took with me a angry attitude. I think the girls did really well and it was a tough game. Unfortually we lost by heaps of score. I would like to thank Angela and Bobbie for trainning us and teaching us lots of skills. Of course our principle Mr Brut and our Manager Ms Flavell.


Hi my name is Leo and my favourite song is baby by Justin Bieber. This secound photo of me was taken at school and my first one was taken at home. One of my best aunty is aunty Tracey.


Back row:Left-Kayson and on the right is Travel
Front row:-Left-Leo and on the right is Me.
In my Famliy I'm the yougest and the only girl. My oldest brother is Travel then Apii Kayson and of coures me. Leo is my brother Travel, son and he was only 5 month when this photo was taken. My Brothers are the bests.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Year 7 Aces.

Every Tuesday after school the year 7 Aces and has there netball game. Our netball game a held at the AMI netball courts.

Team ACES are April,Mauina,Helen Tui,Shontal,Helen Tup,Bobbie Grace and I of coures our wonderful coach Mrs Nua who is a teacher at Pt England School.

Our finals against Braden was a really tough game. Unfortually we lost 23 20 but it was a really close game.

I just want to thank Mrs Nua for training the ACES , teaching us lost of amazing skills.Also i would like to thank Ms George for looking after the netball girls uniform.