Monday, August 9, 2010


For those of you who don’t know what Immersion Assembly are liked well this is the time to read more about it and find out. At the beginning of each term at Pt England School, the teachers and staff members dress up to give us a hint of what our theme for the term will be about.

The first Immersion Assembly i can remember is Up,Up and away. We learnt all the things that go up into the sky like an hot air balloon and planes.

Food Glorious Food was my favourite Immersion Assembly because in assembly who ever was sitting up straight they got a chicken wing or a sausage. For that whole term we got to cook food.

This term we are learning about Might Mariners. At Immersion Assembly the best teacher was Ms Tito. She did everything by herself and she also dressed up as Jessica Watson.

I think Pt England is the best school in the whole world. No schools in Auckland can beat Pt England IMMERSION ASSEMBLIES.

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