Monday, August 23, 2010


Room 19 are learning about Mighty teen mariners. We were ask to do a multiple inteligence task. . We decided to do quiz cards about Jesse Martin. our time limit was 1 hour and 50 minutes. Tracey and I chose to do it in Keynote. If you know the answers to our quiz please comment and leave your name and the answers on our blog. We will let you know if you got them all right. Have Fun!


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  2. Ms Tito said...

    Tena koe Tracey. To koi hoki... you have really got the right idea now! I hope people take up your quiz challenge, let me know how many replies you get. Just a word of advice... one of your slides were tricky to read and I think it was because of your colour choice. Think about this when you are selecting font colours when creating your quiz in keynote, hyperstudio or any other presentations application. Love the music too!
    Tino miharo au... I am really impressed :)


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