Monday, July 26, 2010

Cook Island Tri Nation

For those who dosen't no what Tri Nation is, well this is the time to read my story.
Every second year cook island people have Tri Nation . Any cook island people is allowed to join.There are three country,and they New Zealand,Rarotonga and also Australia.In the Tri Nation we play sport like socoer,rugby, dart,table tennis,netball,volleyball,cricket,gofl,oea vaka and also to end our Tri nation we have to do a cook island show.This year the Tri Nation is coming to New Zealand. NZ is going taking it out.Go NZ.

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  1. Hey Tracey,

    Wonderful post about the Tri Nation, I sure did learn alot about it.
    I love it when you said that anyone can jin in and play sports because I love sports and i did want to play once I read your post.


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