Friday, July 23, 2010

In the holiday our Cook Island dance group called the Matoo'i which is a flower had a concert night held at the Atiu hall in Mangere. We woke up early and had breakfast. After breakfast we all had to go out side for practice so we can be a professional dance group. There where about 16 dancers and about 5 drummer's.Our concert started at 7.00 but the time was only 6.30 that mean it was time to go the hall. Once everybody got to the hall we got change in to our costume ready to dance. My family arrived at the hall at 6.50 which mean that they made it in time. Yah! it 7.00 it was time to start. we had like about 21 show to do in front of our family. While i was dancing some of mylfami came to give me some money. I did a lots of cook island dance. Our show had finish and I ended our show with a smile on my face whice made my whanau happy. Everyone had lift to go home. My family and I went to Mc Donald and they were really happy about me. I LOVE MY FAMILY

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  1. Hi Tracey what a nice piece of writting thats really nice of you to say I love my family I love my family as well.


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