Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earle Dickson Band Aids.

Earle Dickson invented Band Aids in 1920. He came up with the idea while working at Johnson &Johnson company . They were for his wife who had constant kitchen accidents. He also went to Osu and Michigan. He went there because he was originally interested in mechanics he graduated from Yale University.
Earle Dickson was born on October the 10th 1892 in Grand view, Tennessee and died on September 21 1961 at the age 68.
After several weeks of kitchen accidents, Earle got a bright idea. Earle sat down and prepared some ready-made badges by placing squares of cotton gauze along an adhesive strip and covering them with crinoline. Now Josephine just had to cut off a length of the strip and place it on her cut. His boss, James Johnson, saw the invention and decided to manufacture “ Band Aids” and sell them to the public. Earle Dickson was made a Vice- president of the Johnson & Johnson company.

Close to 1925,he had to pay $30,000 because he had forgotten to pay tax for 2 year. Soon after,he had to pay $2,000 for his wife to go to the hospital. Then he made $1,000 from Band Aid. By 1927,he had a total of $21,400 from his marvelous invention.

Band Aids is a quick and easy way of treat minor and injuries. Even though Earle Dickson has died but his invention can save life's, their are types of Band Aids like cartoon Characters and Different colours therefore the little ones can be kept entertain.

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